meconic acid

meconic acid
kwas mekonowy

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  • Meconic acid — IUPAC name 3 Hydroxy 4 oxo 4H pyran 2,6 dicarboxylic acid …   Wikipedia

  • meconic acid — mə̇ˈkänik , kōn noun Etymology: Greek mēkōnikos of a poppy, from mēkōn + ikos ic : a crystalline acid C7H4O7 obtained from opium; 3 hydroxy 4 pyrone 2,6 dicarboxylic acid * * * meconic acid, a white crystalline acid derived from opium. It is used …   Useful english dictionary

  • meconic acid — Obtained from opium; it forms soluble salts (meconates) with many of the alkaloids of opium. * * * me·con·ic acid mi .kän ik n a crystalline acid C7H4O7 obtained from opium * * * me·con·ic ac·id (mə konґik) an acid occurring in opium that… …   Medical dictionary

  • meconic acid — /məˌkɒnɪk ˈæsəd/ (say muh.konik asuhd) noun a white crystalline solid, C7H4O7, present in opium and formerly used as a test for opium poisoning as it gives a dark red stain with ferric chloride. {Greek mēkōn poppy + ic} …  

  • meconic — /mi konˈik/ adjective Denoting an acid obtained from poppies ORIGIN: Gr mēkōn the poppy • • • meconate /mekˈən āt or mēkˈ/ noun A salt of meconic acid mecˈonin noun A white, fusible, neutral substance (C10H10O4) existing in opium mecōˈnium noun 1 …   Useful english dictionary

  • Meconic — Me*con ic, a. [Gr. ? belonging to the poppy, fr. ? the poppy: cf. F. m[ e]conique.] Pertaining to, or obtained from, the poppy or opium; specif. (Chem.), designating an acid related to aconitic acid, found in opium and extracted as a white… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • meconic — in reference to an acid obtained from opium, 1819, from Gk. mekonikos of or pertaining to the poppy, from mekon poppy (see MECONIUM (Cf. meconium)). Related: Meconine (n.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • comenic acid — (ˈkō|menik , mēn noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary comenic (anagram of meconic) + acid : a yellow crystalline acid, C5H3O3COOH formed from meconic acid; 5 hydroxy 1,4 pyrone 2 carboxylic acid …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyromeconic acid — |pī(ˌ)rō+... noun Etymology: pyromeconic International Scientific Vocabulary pyr + meconic (acid); originally formed as French pyroméconique : a crystalline acid C5H4O3 formed by heating meconic acid or comenic acid; 3 hydroxy 4 pyrone …   Useful english dictionary

  • Muconic acid — trans,trans Muconic acid[1][2] IUPAC …   Wikipedia

  • comenic — comenic, a. Chem. (kəʊˈmɛnɪk) [Factitiously formed by transposing the syllables of meconic.] In comenic acid, a dibasic acid, C6H4O5, crystallizing in light yellow prisms: a product of the decomposition of meconic acid, hence called para and meta …   Useful english dictionary

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